Purpose of the Hawaii House Embassy


A Hawaii House Embassy in Jerusalem will establish a permanent connection in the Hawaii-Israel relationship which began in 1893.  It will allow Hawaii to set a precedent for other states in America to follow and create a stronger national support for Israel at a grassroots level. Our foremost purpose is serving as a connecting link to promote, support and assist in the restoration of the people and the land of Israel. We will strive to facilitate partnerships and friendships between Christian establishments in Hawaii and worthy endeavors in the Jewish community of Israel. 

Additional Benefits will be Integrated with the efforts the Hawaii House Embassy:

A destination spot offering warm hospitality for:

  1. Greeting and assisting our Pacific Island visitors
  2. Sharing ALOHA with the Jewish community and showcase the Hawaiian culture
  • Opportunities to participate in outreaches, current events and places of interest to further communication, friendship and community interest. 
  • A place of meetings, receptions and other events to encourage pro-Israel awareness and shared Judeo-Christian values.


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As Co-founder of the Hawaii-Israel Alignment, Kaatee keeps an active momentum of support for Israel on the Islands, and also serves as an associate pastor at a Hawaiian congregation on Maui called ‘In His House of Restoration’ under the leadership of Pastor’s John and Mariam Demello. Kaatee has served as a fulltime missionary in Latin America for thirteen years, and three years in Samoa and other South Pacific Islands on the Morning Star sailing vessel. She is the author of two books, ‘Israel’s Biblical Rights to the Land’ and ‘God’s Judgment on the Nations’. Kaatee’s discovery of her Jewish bloodline in 2008 changed her life and direction in ministry toward Israel and the Jewish people. Her passion and life are dedicated to this cause. Click to hear live Kaatee’s personal testimony


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